TSA Lock

  • Designed for locking Hard Cases.
  • External dimensions: L86*W16.5mm (L3.39″*W0.65″)
  • Locking mechanism: Combination Lock
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Our new customizable tri-dial combination lock offers padlock security.
  • Improved lock design makes it easy to lock your hard cases.
  • How the Lock Operates:
  • Factory settings are 0-0-0. If you want to change your code, first push the pin on the side of the lock, then press the release button to set the desired code.
  • What is TSA Lock?
  • We can say that TSA is a kind of portable security system, which stands for ‘Transport Security Administration’.
  • TSA lock also allows security guards to open and inspect your bag without damaging it when needed during your airline travels. The case is opened with themaster keyproduced for security guards. The lock opened with the master key is restored when the examination is finished.
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